About Us

Trust us to get you there


 At the Holmes Group we know how to keep your freight on the right track.   We know the meaning of value. 

We will Connect you to Drivers


We will connect you to drivers to make sure you cargo is where  it needs to be when you need it.

Drivers We Get You Jobs.


Drivers count on us to get you jobs and get you paid.


Anybody can call themselves a freight broker. The personal touch  makes The Holmes Groups different. You don’t have to go through a call  center to talk to us. You’ll get connected to a project manager or a  dedicated account manager—someone who can answer your questions. And  when you leave a message, we answer promptly. 

We pledge to return your call in a timely manner. On every call, we  want to exceed your expectations for service and earn your continued  trust. We value customer relationships and measure our own success by  yours.

Our staff can save you time and money by  matching your freight with the proper equipment and carrier, comparing  multiple carriers for competitive rates, dispatching and tracking  shipments, and even aiding you with claims should that become necessary.

Using  The Holmes Group  can help streamline  your accounting by paying one single vendor for multiple services. We  will call pickup/destination locations to verify information and work to  be proactive by communicating with the carrier to prevent delays or  possible problems during transit.

WE WORK FOR YOU!! Regardless of where  your freight is picking up, call or fax us with the pickup telephone  number and billing information and we will take care of all the  necessary arrangements. From generating a completed bill of  lading to requesting PODs, we’ll make your job easier. No more phone  trees or waiting on hold with carriers.

Please allow The  Holmes Group  to show you the advantages of working with  a trustworthy third-party logistics provider .We really care about fostering long-term  relationships with our customers and managing each shipment with  meticulous care. .

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