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Why use Holmes Group for your brokerage needs?

 The Holmes Group   has contracts in place with several larger and independent  carriers all of whom offer us excellent rates that we can pass on to  you. Our firm is offered deep discounts by the trucking companies  because of the volume of business we are able to bring them. Most of the  time you will find that the rate quoted to you by The  Holmes Group is less  than if you called the carrier direct because of the concept of  “economies of scale”. In addition,  The Holmes Group deals directly with the  carrier for issues such as tracing & tracking, over/short &  damages, improperly routed shipments, etc. Since we are in the industry  and used to communicating with carriers on a daily basis, we know how to  get answers and achieve things that may frustrate the average shipper. 

How long is a quote from The Holmes Group valid?

 30 days 

Does the rate I am quoted ever change after the goods are picked up?

 Any trucking or transportation firm who tells you there is no chance of  the quoted rate being different than the final rate is not telling you  the truth. MOST of the time the quoted rate is also the invoiced rate.  However, there are times when the weight or class provided by the  customer is not accurate or the shipment required some other type of  service that was not included in the original quote. It IS NOT our  practice to increase the rate for no reason. We make the customer aware  of the additional charges as soon as they are brought to our attention  and we ALWAYS provide proof by way of weight certificate or delivery  receipt. We KNOW that operating in an honest fashion will keep customers  coming back. 

Who do I call For tracking information?

 You can call us directly at toll free at  800-287-1641.     If you have specific, detailed questions or requests related to the delivery you can call us at toll free 800-287-1641 or send an e-mail  referring to your specific load number. 

Does The Holmes Group Carry insurance?

  The Holmes Group   itself does not carry the cargo insurance required to  transport the loads. However, we do not work with ANY carriers that do  not provide us with proof of active, valid insurance. We keep this  information on file here in our corporate office and can provide proof  of insurance upon request. In addition, The Holmes Group  has a strict policy  in place where we refuse to work with carriers that have less than an A  or a B safety and performance rating. These ratings and insurance  requirements are requested BEFORE any new carrier is accepted as a new  The Holmes Group  approved carrier. 

What happens if my goods are lost or Damaged?

  The Holmes Group   will usually know before you do if the goods are damaged during  transportation because we track all our shipments daily. In the event of  damage, we first call the carrier to see how the goods were signed for.  If damage was noted on the bill of lading, or delivery receipt at the  time of delivery, we will file a claim directly with the carrier using  the invoice for replacement provided to us by the customer. When   The Holmes Group  is paid on the claim we will either issue you a credit memo  that can be used for future shipments or send you a check directly. This  takes the pain and hassle off of our customers of having to file a  claim with the carrier directly.